• The opportunity to participate in the virtual race is open to anyone across the globe.
  • Participants will apply online via a website that will be communicated in due time
  • All participants will be given the marathon kits
  • The event is expected to last for 6 hours on a day and time that would be communicated in due time while the race shall be open to those running outside the state 2 weeks before the marathon.
  • There shall be refreshment stands, water stands and restrooms at every 5Km of the race route.


5 years from now, we would have:

  • Equipped about 70,000 elderly residents in better use of phone and usage of the internet
  • Trained about 10,000 youth in digital skills: Artificial intelligence, programming, motion animation, cyber security, project management etc.
  • Trained 20,000 children in digital skills: Artificial intelligence, programming, motion animation, cyber security, project management etc.
  • Midwifed the establishment of 1000 Starts-up businesses in Ekiti in the next 5 years
  • Transformed job seekers to job creators and created 20,000 jobs.
  • Spurred the generation of an estimate of N15 billion in revenue from these startup
  • Automate 50 public service/social activities within Ekiti to upscale productivity


The arms race for human intelligence is certainly heating up and defining the prosperity of nations, so also is the fundamental determinant of wealth shifting from commodity to creativity and innovation. Converging technologies (AI, Internet of things, Robotics, Drones, Block Chain, Crypto Currency, Virtual or augmented reality and rapid advancements in computing power) are multiplying government efficiency, societal productivity, and democratization of governance.


It has become increasingly easier for anyone to create solutions to problems once thought insolvable and create massive wealth; resulting in increase in the rate of deployment of new products and services, from finance to voting, healthcare and agriculture to transportation and manufacturing. Despite the remarkable gains’ technology is bringing to improve human’s productivity and solving global grand challenges, Africa remain stucked in low productive activities.

So, if wealth is a reward for problem solved and few Africans have the capacity and skills to develop a solution to these problems, isn’t it obvious why Africans have remained in abject poverty? The problem of Africa is not just digital divide but also widening inequality, increasing number of slums and the related human degradation.


We at Bridgewaters are asking “Isn’t there a better approach to accelerate Africa’s development? Isn’t there a way to create abundance from the challenges we face? Can we help make governance more effective?” Are there alternatives to creating employment and raising our productivity? We think there are better alternatives.


This is why we are launching ‘Dignovate Africa Fellows’ a digital platform to equip young Africans in semi-urban and rural communities in Africa with digital, innovation and entrepreneurship skills. we are creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation across Africa, equipping youths with digital skills to create indigenous and adaptable solutions to the problems Africans face and the world grand challenges.

Aside from impacting governance and helping government deliver more effectively to the people it serves, we will be stimulating exponential economic development from the base of the pyramid, drive the rise of global firms from Africa and stem the surge of rural-urban migration and the attendant increase in slums. Our debut is called ‘Automate Ekiti’ kicking off from Ekiti State arguably the leading community with the most thirst for knowledge and originality.

Join Ekiti Marathon Fundracing today to deliver these goals.

Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss this project further, please reach out to

Project Director:

Mr. Segun Oke